The Parenting Book is interesting, practical and easy to read, and I would recommend it to any parent wanting to do the best they can for their child.
Natasha Kaplinsky
TV newsreader

A sensitive, practical book that provides real insight into how to be a good parent – a role we all try to fulfil as best we can.
Bear Grylls
International speaker and author

Hugely practical, endlessly inspiring, packed full of humorous stories and insights - this book is a must for all parents. As a father, I know already that I'll be reading and re-reading this book over the years!
Tim Hughes
Worship leader

It ought to come naturally but it doesn’t always. Parenting is something which for practically everyone brings quite unsuspected challenges and these can produce either a degree of panic or a sense of failure. This wonderfully clear and practical book shows how a deep conviction about the unconditional love of God and the value this gives to everyone can shape a whole approach to parenting that is at one and the same time affirming, realistic about boundaries, patient and grateful. As we recognise more and more clearly how necessary it is to offer accessible and honest guidance about being a parent in a society that’s as muddled as ours is where children’s welfare is concerned, Nicky and Sila’s book is a real gift.
Rowan Williams
Archbishop of Canterbury

The Parenting Book is practical and full of wise advice. I believe it will help give parents a vital ingredient in the task of bringing up children - confidence! Its just what parents need today.
Rob Parsons
Care for the Family

This is one of the best parenting resources I have seen. It is bursting with wise practical parenting insights. We owe it to our children to be the best parents we can be. The Parenting Book is essential reading.
J John
Author and evangelist

I heartily endorse this book as an extremely helpful and practical aid to those parents seeking to find reassurance in the process of raising their children.
Tom McMahon
Bishop of Brentwood

Parents need the support and the skills to bring up their children well more than ever. Too many people lack good parental role models which is why I commend this book so warmly.
Andrew Selous