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Bible Gift Survey

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1. How did you hear about the Alpha course?
(You may choose more than one answer.)
 I was invited by a friend or family member.
 I saw a billboard or other sign in a public place.
 I saw an advertisement about Alpha on the internet.
 I heard about it at church.



2. Did you visit the Alpha USA website before attending a course?  

3. If no, then skip to # 4.
If you did visit the Alpha USA website - did this influence your decision to attend Alpha?



4. How many sessions of the Alpha course have you completed?  



5. On the Alpha course this fall I am: a guest

6. Will this be the first Bible you have received as an adult?  

7. What is your age range?  

8. Please send the Bible to this address:
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Zip code:

9.  May we contact you at this address with stories, news and updates about Alpha USA. Yes, you may contact me.

10. Yes, you may email updates about Alpha USA at:

11. (Optional) Is there is anything else you’d like to share with Alpha USA? Please do so here.