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Fr. Riccardo updates Nicky & Alpha Team on the success of Alpha

After Alpha success, parish turns outward

The pews were packed and even the overflow seating was overflowing at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish’s Jan. 4 “Welcome Mass” that afternoon.“This really invigorates our parish to do more, and we will,” said Bob Adsit, parish council chairman and one of the organizers of the parish’s special Mass. 

Adsit explained that the Mass was inspired by parish members — nearly all of whom participated in the parish’s widely successful Alpha for Catholics program — who wanted to bring their non-practicing friends and family to church. The Plymouth parish’s pastor, Fr. John Riccardo, arranged that the Mass would be like any other Sunday Mass, but the homily would focus specifically on sharing the Good News of the Gospel with the congregation.
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Youth Engaged with Jesus - an Interview with a Catholic Youth Minister

I see Alpha as a great way for my kids to engage in a relationship with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit in a real way - not just with head knowledge but with heart knowledge. This builds a strong base for ministry.  After Alpha, we continue with programs that are more theologically Catholic or related to a Catholic spirituality. Alpha helps build a good foundation to start with.

Global Alpha Training in Jamaica

Deacon Steve Mitchell, National Director of Alpha for Catholics in the USA recently returned from leading a Global Alpha Training (GAT) event in Kingston, Jamaica. The GAT was coordinated at the invitation of Archbishop Reece. One hundred delegates from 22 parishes in Kingston attended the event. With an alarming number of teenagers joining local gangs, priests in Kingston are very keen to use Youth Alpha as a tool to transform the young society. 

I have never seen a more fruitful ministry for Catholics

We are a big parish with 3000 families and 4 priests; school focused - Visitation K- 8th grade is busy parish school; and sometimes we are viewed as cold. We do not have a parish center or place to connect after Mass. This has been one of our biggest parish weaknesses. Having an active Alpha course has helped to address this. Read More >>

Alpha for Youth at seven NE Catholic Parishes

Interview with Peter Carpentier, 1000+ guests
Since 2006 Peter Carpentier has developed resources and trained parish leaders in the North Shore, South Shore, NH, and RI to run Alpha for Youth. Many use Alpha for Youth as part of Confirmation preparation. The youth find it engaging, they experience conversion, and they come back to serve on the team for the next courses.  Read More >>