NE Ohio 

Welcome to Alpha USA | NE Ohio Region

Welcome to the online home of Alpha USA | NE Ohio Region. 

We exist to give every person in NE Ohio the opportunity to hear and experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ through an Alpha Course near where they work, study or live.  The videos found here are just part of what God is doing here in NE Ohio. 

We also exist to network the churches, ministries, schools and other venues where Alpha Courses are happening to see more and better Alpha Courses built and to use our combined resources to extend the The Alpha Invitation (a region-wide invitation to an Alpha Course) to as many people as possible in NE Ohio.

Check out the links on the left for Tools and Videos to Plan | Promote | and Invite, for Registering Your Course so others can find it, Running Your Alpha Course, and staying in the loop on Upcoming Events and Training.

For more information please call 440-864-4505 or send an email.
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