Alpha for Prisons

Because of Alpha’s holistic introduction to the Christian faith, prisoners all over the country have had the opportunity to discover for themselves the meaning of life. Through observation and dialogue with volunteers and one another, prisoners learn what it means to have Christ in their lives. When hope through faith is restored, prisoners are able to learn to live by biblical standards while still in prison and after their release. 

Christians are sharing their life changing experiences with inmates in our nation’s prisons & jails. You may be considering how you might follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life by becoming involved with us. Through Alpha USA and the local church we believe that fewer people will return to prison once released. We work to make our communities safer places in which to live while bringing glory to God and we need your help.

There are many National Prison Alpha Advisers around the country who are ready and able to assist others in taking the Alpha course inside prisons.


For more information about Alpha for Prisons, please click here.

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