Alpha in a Catholic Context

Have you ever asked yourself, Is there more to life than this? If you would like a chance to ask any question or probe any element of Christianity, Alpha for Catholics may be what you’re looking for. The course is offered in a relaxed, non-judgmental setting, everyone is welcome, and any question is acceptable.

Riccardo and Maria Ortega"Before ALPHA we said we believed in God and we were going to Mass every Sunday, but felt something we missing. We were looking and looking but we had doubts if God heard us or that we heard God. After ALPHA we found that is not enough to just go to church and say: "I believe in God". We learned that God speaks to us in the Bible and through prayer in a powerful way. It was through prayer that God cleansed the wounds of my childhood. We learned about the Holy Spirit and how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Today it is easier for us to share God’s love and evangelize our family. We have been given special gifts, like a better relationship with my family, especially my parents."             - Maria and Riccardo Ortega, Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

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