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Alpha USA Regional Director for Iowa, Julie Wiemann, shares her joint Alpha Weekend Away experience.
Check out the brand new Alpha Invitation web pages that are bursting with ideas for inviting friends to Alpha.
The Alpha Youth Film Series is designed to engage teens in some of life’s biggest questions. It is Alpha for a new generation.
Alpha Partners pray weekly, give monthly, and serve faithfully. Are you a Partner yet? Find out more.
Attend the Prayer webinar October 1st. We will learn about the practicalities of mobilizing prayer behind the scenes.
Alpha Friends Community
Alpha jokes?
SO, with all the fall courses starting to launch ... that big moment ... the Alpha joke! seems to be making course administrators sweat a bit. 
Alpha Friends will transition to Facebook
Hello Alpha Friends! We want to let you know about an upcoming change to our social media platform.  We will soon be shutting down Alpha
Share how you, personally, invited someone to alpha
Hi Alpha Friends, We're looking for stories of "personal invitation" -- How did you, personally , invite someone to Alpha?  OR 
Google or Facebook Ads
Hi, I'm interested to find out if anyone has used google or facebook ads to promote their Alpha.  If so, how did you set this up and did