Washington D.C. 

About Alpha DC

We help churches, organizations, and individuals around the Nation's capital, work together to extend the good news about Jesus through the Alpha Course. 

We currently serve more than 170 churches across the greater Washington, DC area including all of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Barna research shows that on average 50% of guests who complete an Alpha course either commit or recommit their lives to Christ.  As more churches offer the Alpha course, many more people in our region will have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Here are just some of the ways Alpha DC can help if you're running Alpha:
  • Organizing Regional Training events & Prayer initiatives
  • Connecting Alpha Leaders
  • Special Offers on resources
  • Facilitating Joint Weekends Away
  • Negotiating Alpha discounts at local venues
  • Giving support and training to Alpha Advisors
Please contact us if you have any questions about Alpha, in the DC region.  Or send us a message on Twitter!  
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