Suggested Reading

'A Change of Heart' by Dick Browning, available: 

'Transformation vs. Therapeutic Model' by Henry Brandt; must become the standard of measurement of all that we do to insure the program is Biblical.

'Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out', by Lennie Spitale
'The Word for the Wise', Brandt & Skinner
'Smart Girls Think Twice: Making Wise Choices When It Counts', by Jan Silvious
'Love Me Never Leave Me: Discovering the Inseparable Bond That Our Hearts Crave', by Marilyn Meberg

'The Journey of Recovery' (New Testament)  from International Bible Society


Pew Press Release - *Pew Report Finds More than One in 100 Adults are Behind Bars" Download PDF >>

External Newsletters

Reentry Policy Council Newsletter: Charting the safe and successful return of prisoners to the community. A project of the Justice Center, the Council of State Governments.  The Reentry Policy Council Newsletter guides policymakers and practitioners on how to improve the likelihood that adults released from prison or jail will avoid crime and become productive, healthy members of families and communities.  Read the newsletter >>