Alpha Advisor Job Description

Job Title: Alpha Advisor

Accountable to: Regional Director in your area or Alpha USA Advisor Coordinator.

Objective: Individuals with knowledge and experience who help fulfill Alpha’s mission of more and better Alpha courses by facilitating the start of courses in churches or specialized locations in his/her geographic location.


Love for the Lord, people, and Alpha
Knowledgeable about the Alpha course and the Alpha resources
Good experience of Alpha and a clear understanding of the “DNA” Self-motivated
Excellent communication skills

Advisor Responsibilities can include:

  • Helping at your local Alpha course.
  • Coaching those interested in starting a course, those who need help improving their course, and those who have questions.
  • Encouraging and caring for course Practitioners through regular communication.
  • Training others to lead Alpha courses.
  • Prayer for Alpha courses, churches, and leaders.
  • Administrative tasks where and when needed.
  • Collecting testimonies from individuals and churches within your geographic area.


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