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After Alpha

"Catechesis without a personal relationship with Jesus, without evangelization, is like trying to plant seeds on concrete, not much happens." - Fr. James Mallon

The Alpha course is one of the most effective methods of evangelization today.  One of the most exciting effects is the enthusiastic interest for “What’s next?"  Once people's faith comes alive and they have an on-going personal relationship with the risen Lord, through evangelization, they are eager to enter and probe the profound mysteries of our Catholic faith.  

Our Advisory Board and National Leadership Team have reviewed many outstanding resources and are pleased to recommend the following resources for after Alpha:

Catholicism 201

Fr. James Mallon speaks about Alpha as “Catholicism 101” and he says it covers 70% of the essentials of Catholic teaching. He describes Catholicism 201 as covering the other 20% plus 10% on morality. This 8 week course is an excellent follow up to Alpha and the topics include the Church, Sacraments, Mary and the Saints, and Catholic morality.

The Great Adventure Bible Study System

The Great Adventure Bible Study is a Catholic Bible learning system that makes the complex simple by teaching the story (the narrative) of the Bible. Every day, more and more people are encountering God's Word through the methods taught in The Great Adventure.  

Catholicism, Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire Ministry
The CATHOLICISM Study Program presents the strong, ecclesial dimension of the Catholic Faith – God’s revelation through Jesus Christ and His Church. Fr. Robert Barron created this groundbreaking program as a thematic presentation of what Catholics believe and why, so all adults can come to a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith. Not a video lecture, Church history or scripture study, this engaging and interesting formational program uses the art, architecture, literature, music and all the treasures of the Catholic tradition to illuminate the timeless teachings of the Church.

Come Follow Me Training

Dick Kiernan offers a focused Bible study series on the essential practices of discipleship, disciple making, and leadership training as a foundation for the new Catholic evangelization. It can also be offered in seminar format.  
These resources provide for continuing formation, help lead people into RCIA and give them a hunger for life in the Catholic Church. We continually review strong follow on Catholic resources for people whose faith has come alive by attending an Alpha course. Please forward your recommendations to: