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How Much Will it Cost?

Alpha is Effective, Efficient and Affordable:

To begin the Alpha course with 25 participants, we recommend the “Alpha Essentials Kit”. This kit will provide everything you need including the DVD presentation of the Alpha talks, Team Training DVD, Leaders Guides, Study Guides, and more. Visit the Alpha Resources website for specific details.

Each of the items recommended in the kit is sold separately. Supplemental readings that complement the subject of each talk are suggested for your guests. You can make these items available for purchase by your guests.
Some promotional materials are also available – brochures, banners, etc.
We encourage each parish to offer the Alpha course free of charge to the people you invite. If your parish cannot afford to purchase the Alpha materials, please contact us for scholarship information.

You may also have costs for providing the meals and the weekend away. The parish can elect to absorb all the costs or to charge a set price or ask for voluntary contributions.