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Alpha for Prison & Re Entry Intro Brochure   To order call 1-800-362-5742

In the US, there are 2.5 million people confined in prisons. Each year, 700,000 are released and over two thirds will re-offend within three years, most of which returning to prison. Many people in prison feel a desperate sense of loss and have a hunger for meaning in life. How can we address this ongoing cycle of crime and search for more among the inmates of our prison system? Alpha for Prisons is a thirteen-week course that presents the teachings of Jesus in a nonthreatening way, starting with a meal and either a live or video talk, and then small group discussion, in which participants have the freedom to ask or say whatever they wish. Each group has a volunteer host and two or three helpers who are often "graduates" from a previous course. This pamphlet offers an introductory overview of Alpha for Prisons with a list of the topics, some statistics on the Prison mission field, and endorsements from Alpha for Prisons Directors. Great for passing along to those interested in running Alpha for Prisons.
The Alpha course is an effective tool used by the church to provide those from our community living in prison the opportunity to explore a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The hope is that once they are released they will not re-offend. 

Please join us - Prisons are the mission fields in our own backyard.

Alpha Prisons & Re-Entry - The Pocket Testament League

AlphaPTLFrontBackCoverThe Alpha Division for Prisons & Re-Entry has partnered with The Pocket Testament League to produce an Alpha Pocket Testament of The Gospel of John.  The front inside cover describes Alpha USA and the back inside cover is a message to Inmates.  In part “Our hope is that you can hold this pocket-sized Gospel of John close knowing that there are literally thousands of people praying that you can find the courage and hope in your future and the determination to be the person that God created you to be”.  It is a great “gift” to anyone really but particular to those inmates you serve.  AND it is free!  Just let Lou Ronna know how many you want and they will be shipped to you. Available 10/pack.   To order email 
We want to thank PTL for partnering with us in this way. 
If you would like to view their web site where you can donate to them it is 

Alpha Prison Facilitators Notebook     Free to Download

This guide is meant to serve you in your successful presentation of the Alpha course in an institutional setting. As it is truly a “work in progress”, please pass along any suggestions/comments to the National Alpha for Prisons & Re-Entry Office. As a part of the Alpha USA Team, we are here to assist you in your decision to enter into the mission field of correctional institutions.

Alpha Prison Facilitators Notebook (PDF)

Alpha Prison Facilitators Notebook - Spanish (PDF)  


Action Plan for Prison Courses

How to start and run Alpha for Prisons Course

Order the comprehensive resource Alpha Team Guide 2014 Edition 

It provides a guided tour through every stage of setting up and running the Alpha course. Complete with reusable checklists, forms for recording and organizing information.



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