Alpha Advisor Role

Alpha USA relies heavily on volunteer resources.  We have named our volunteers Alpha Advisors because that is exactly what you do.  Advising, counseling, coaching, and encouraging make up the primary activities of an Alpha Advisor.  All are passionate about the Alpha course as a way to transform lives.

No document could fully encompass what the role of an Alpha Advisor looks like. As an ambassador for Alpha, the roles and activities will look a bit different for each Advisor. At Alpha USA we are striving to support Advisors around the country. No Advisor is expected to fulfill every role that is listed on this website. The responsibilities of an Alpha Advisor are extremely flexible.  Advisors should never feel overburdened, but rather feel that their contributions to this work are in line with their gifts and the time that they have available.

Below you will find further detail outlining potential roles of the Alpha Advisor. These documents are by no means exhaustive.  If you have suggestions for other roles that Advisors can fulfill, please click here to pass your ideas and ‘best practice’ along.