Run Alpha 

Week by Week

Thank you to the leadership team at Holy Trinity Brompton Church who have provided this "behind the scenes" look at everything that happens on an Alpha evening.  We have adapted the material to fit with the USA course model.

Have you ever wondered about the flow of an Alpha evening at Holy Trinity Brompton - the birthplace of the Alpha course? Whether you are just starting a course or are preparing to run your fiftieth course, we believe there is something here that will stimulate you and your Alpha team to be more effective.

Using the links on the left, click for each week of Alpha to see a step by step flow for the evening that includes:

  • Prayer points for the Prayer and Administration Meeting
  • Training pieces to reinforce with your Leaders and Helpers
  • Ways to welcome the guests
  • Ways to introduce the Weekend or Day Away
  • Ways to introduce the talks
  • Jokes

* Note: We have provided more detailed introductory comments for the first few weeks of the course since this is the crucial time to win the guests over.  As the course progresses, we trust that you will know what the guests on your course need to hear.