where alpha courses run

Alpha courses are offered in all 50 states meeting anywhere from homes to church buildings or restaurants. Although some courses are held during the day or lunch hour, most are evening courses offered through local churches. Find a course here.

Specialized Alpha courses are also held at workplaces, college campuses, residential homes, youth clubs, daycare centers, military bases, prisons and schools, while other courses are specifically adapted for the deaf, blind, and foreign language and ESOL (English as a second language) groups.

Click on the heading below for more information about Alpha for each of the following environments:


ArrowOrange  Campus / Young Adult ArrowOrange  Alpha for Prisons
ArrowOrange  Alpha for Catholics ArrowOrange  Military Alpha
ArrowOrange  Alpha en Espanol ArrowOrange  Youth
ArrowOrange  Multicultural ArrowOrange  Workplace
ArrowOrange  Alpha for Seniors  


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