Run Alpha 

Alpha Tips: Kindness can go a long way

As a church, we are trying to be more outward focused.  What are few things we could tell our team as we prepare for our next course?

One of the distinctives of well run Alpha course is the sense of hospitality and kindness that is in the air. 

This especially true at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, the birthplace of Alpha. Anyone who has ventured to a course there generally comments how welcomed and loved they felt.  It is not a sappy welcome, rather an honest and warm greeting or smile that seems to do a lot to win over people who are coming that first night with fear in their eyes.

Here are a few suggestions to share and discuss with your team:

First a quote from Mother Teresa. " Spread love everywhere you go.  Be the living expression of God's kindness. Kindness in your face.  Kindness in your eyes.  Kindness in your smile. Kindness in your warm greeting." Share this with your team and take a few minutes to talk about how you can live this out this year.

Second, one Alpha leader comments to his team every session that for the first few weeks it is helpful to imagine that every single Alpha guest is wearing a big sign around their neck that says, "Please say a kind word to me tonight." This sounds kind of corny, but if we imagine this, we are more likely to remember to lead with kindness.