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Alpha Tips: Finding an Alpha Advisor

We are new to Alpha. I was talking to someone the other day who suggested that we get help from an Alpha Advisor.  Who is this and what do they do?

We are glad you asked.  Advisors are people who are passionate about the Lord and Alpha and want to help others get started on the right foot with their Alpha course.  They may come from another church in your area or they may be in a different town, but you can build a relationship with them via email and phone calls.

An Alpha Advisor is an experienced Alpha leader who helps start new courses or supports existing courses in their area of giftedness.  This may come in the form of advising, counseling or coaching, but most of all encouraging. Our goal is that every new course would have an Alpha Advisor available to them.  However, some courses that have been running for awhile also have benefited from contacting and Advisor for new ideas and encouragement.

We have over 400 Advisors eager to help!   Click here to find out more.