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Alpha Tips are timely suggestions and reminders designed to help Alpha users hone their skills and improve their courses. They will generally follow the Alpha course cycle in order to provide just-in-time learning for busy Alpha team members.

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  “We wanted the tips to be fun and light-hearted, but at the same time offer solid solutions for some of the real challenges Alpha leaders encounter”, said Marti Clark and Margene Vessel, innovators of Alpha Tips.  “We take many of the tips from the Alpha Training event and the Alpha Director's Handbook, but we are also receiving great tips from Alpha Advisors and practitioners in the field who have discovered creative ways to solve problems and are sharing them with us.”

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List of Alpha Tips by tag

Alpha Tip: Alpha and Senior Pastors
How exactly is the senior pastor supposed to make possible a great Alpha course? Todd Hunter offers an idea on the principal role. More ...
Alpha Tips: 10 ways to make a great Alpha Intro Night
Ten things to consider for your Alpha Introduction Night. More ...
Alpha Tips: 10 ways to start your small group well
Timely reminders for you and your team as you prepare for your first night of Alpha. More ...
Alpha Tips: A creative solution to a weekend challenge
How can we introduce speaking in tongues as one of the spiritual gifts when the person leading weekend away does not have this gift? More ...
Alpha Tips: Attracting younger leaders to Alpha
Alpha Tips: Barbecue First!
Alpha Tips: Challenges to Evangelism in the 21st Century
Alpha Tips: Choosing a Worship Leader
Alpha Tips: Covering Weekend Cost
Alpha Tips: Different responses at the Alpha Weekend
Alpha Tips: Doing the talks with a live speaker
Alpha Tips: Finding an Alpha Advisor
Alpha Tips: How to invite people
Alpha Tips: Incorporating 'Words of Knowledge'
Alpha Tips: Is the Alpha meal really needed?
Alpha Tips: Keeping the small group time open for seekers
Alpha Tips: Kindness can go a long way
Alpha Tips: Leveraging Key Connectors to Invite Guests
Alpha Tips: Listening Better
Alpha Tips: Re-thinking Prayer
Alpha Tips: Ten Weeks??
Alpha Tips: Training for Weekend Prayer Time
Alpha Tips: Using e-vites to promote your course
Alpha Tips: Ways to invite people to your Alpha Course
Alpha Tips: Why Worship on Alpha?
Culture of Outreach
Setting up a 24/7 Prayer Room
Welcoming seekers this Christmas.